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Today morning I woke at around 6 to the sound of machinary.Stepping out into the balcony I saw some municipality workers running huge pumpsets that were pumping water out of houses and towards the graveyard.A few other ppl were also using power saws to cut off the remaining parts of a tree that gave way […]

As I ate breakfast,the power lines gave way.I called up office and told them I might be late due to the rains..after dosent rain in Chennai.The rain kept picking up..I called up a couple of cab companies to send a cab over..mostly I didnt get the line..and when I did the guy at the […]

While starting for Chennai to join VZ, my dad dug out the old raincoat.I said NO! Dad,It dosent rain in Chennai. I probably should have got it along. This thursday when I started for office it was drizzling just a little,the sky was overcast and the clouds appeared heavy.I thanked my stars for making it […]



Cab from Office to Railway station    -free(offish pays) Luxury taxi for the day                  – 1500 Rs 2 day stay in Taj Coromandel         -9800 Rs Lunch at fancy restaurent             -1200 Rs Balcony tickets for Love ActuallyA lot like love    -180 Rs Coming back to office just to realise that the link is down- Priceless There are […]

These days its raining in Chennai.I find out only when I step out of office early in the morning(Graveyard shift these days). Most days its 35+ degrees in Chennai.I find out only when I step out of office. Occasionally its a beautiful day in Chennai.I mostly miss those days because I am ensconed(?) in my […]

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These days I get to watch a lot of TV.Inside my room in my guest house, I have a TV without a set top box.For those of you not in the know,Chennai was the only metro in the country where the CAS ruling of a couple of years ago was implemented. I can step into […]

Normally when Google does something we expect it to be  a.Cool b.Fun c.Innovative d.Another step on the way to world domination When Google buys out someone,we expect good things to come out of the acquisition too.For example Keyhole turned out to be the amazingly cool and endlessly fun Google Earth..Picasa which was a paid product […]