I have been facing a lot of problems with the comment spam on my old blog back on the students page and have not found time to sit and put in the captcha plugin or anything else to block it.

I have also had this irritating habit of getting bored with one thing after it holds my attention for some time..blosxom was good..but with a hotter babe in town..why stick to the old girl? 😛

Once again Rajan sent me an invite ..he also invited me to 360 a little while back..but 360 was a major let down..too slow..too much clutter..just too many things to make it fun.

Add to it the fact that I got jayaram.wordpress.com ..I guess wordpress does have a pretty strong business case for making me migrate to it.Just got to figure out how to migrate the old posts from Blosxom to this.

And as long as I dont do it..this was/is/might remain my old/new blog..It is dying though..the spambots have got it by the throat.



One Response to “Test”

  1. Great that you have come back to blogsphere. Now post regularly. I would love to have your reviews on technologies like AJAX, hardware like digcams, handycams and ipods. I see you have written some post on them already. But it would be better to have more detailed reviews.

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