My ex-boss ( I have recently shifted projects) and I would reach office at around the same time. We would both get equally frustrated looking for parking space close to the office building and would finally be forced to park 2km(Not exxagerating) away and walk back.

Everyday we would pass a dilipated old luna parked hardly 50 mt from the office.Interestingly it would be parked on top of a speed breaker.Other drivers who feared for the balance of their vehicles would avoid this spot.

My boss..lets call him Raj..its much more in keeping with the “corporate” culture.

Now,Raj has this habit of drawing analogies from most day to day occurences and linking them to technology/software in someway or the other.

He pointed out the luna parked on top of the speed breaker and asked me what I though of it. I said I saw a old luna with a modified stand parked in what would have been a dangerous spot for normal bikes.

His analogy was insightful.Here is what he had to say.

“See Jay..that luna is underpowered..hardly 60cc right? Its parked between two pulsars which are 150 cc beasts right?

Now if there was a race for parking place,this luna guy would never get a parking spot and would have to park where we have to park..right at the end of the lot..?

But notice that he has had his stand has more grip as compared to the normal stands..”

I heard him out patiently not able to understand what he was getting at..then came the analogy..

“Technology is also like this..its not always the strongest or the most powerful guys who finish first(get the good parking slot).Its the guys who innovate..its the guys who are willing to retool(get their stands modified) because they realise that if they do not,they will be finished(park at the end of the stand).

And because they are willing to retool,they will grab a niche market(Good parking spot).Wether or not they are able to expand that market will depend on how quickly they retool.”

Quite an apt analogy..and quite an insightful comment?


2 Responses to “Analogies”

  1. Hmmm… Great analogy!
    By the way, wordpress does seem to be great.. Do you have any invites left?

  2. 2 Dunal

    Why did you leave the boss then?

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