Does Google “really” own Blogger?


Normally when Google does something we expect it to be




d.Another step on the way to world domination

When Google buys out someone,we expect good things to come out of the acquisition too.For example Keyhole turned out to be the amazingly cool and endlessly fun Google Earth..Picasa which was a paid product before Google bought it out went on to go free and add some really nifty features thus prompting most reviewers to give it top points when compared to even established heavyweights.

So what happened with Blogger? If my memory serves me right,the Pyra labs buyout was one of Googles first purchases (sometime in feb of 03?)..even before it got rich with all that IPO money. Blogging was then still not what it is today..bloggers were not the journalists journalists that they are made out to be today.Yes there were hundreds of thousands of people blogging but compared to the statistic that each day 80k blogs are created(google for source) it was a small thing. was then the easiest way for everyone to get a blog and start writing about the weather..or their boss or whatever.

At that time everyone thought Google was well ahead of the curve and would beat all its rivals(read m$ obviously) hands down.

But in contrast to what we have come to expect from Google,Blogger although still a leader by a huge margin is beginning(has been?) to lag(lagging?) behind new upstarts.I will not go to the extent of saying 360 and spaces are competition simply because in my view if there are any services worse off than Blogger then its these two..but thats a completely different topic.

 Blogger has faced complaints that its slow..that it dosent have enough features(no categories for christs sake!)..that its spewing more spam than genuine content..…and basically my biggest complaint is that it ITS JUST SO UNGOOGLISH!.

Google/Pyra labs seem to be in limbo about which way to head with Blogger.The rate at which they add features is as bad as the rate at which I have been posting after joining work.Captcha for comments took place only 7-8 months ago(?),to ward off fake blogs(splogs is the buzzword for this) they put in the flag system which means now I have to flag a fake blog manually ..duh..that is so m$ish(dumb?)..templates which are on offer by default are also pretty tired..(yes you can change it but think.. can your grandma do it?).

What was once one of the coolest,niftiest,most fun to use sites now has an aching sense of “old” to is still the leader and by a large margin(Google for source) inspite of 360 and spaces(or is it because of them 😛 ).I dont know how for how long ppl will continue to suffer.

 what makes this more hurting is that that the Google blog is itself so cool in terms of user experience.

Hope the google guys wake up and realise the step to world domination begins with Blogger.


15 Responses to “Does Google “really” own Blogger?”

  1. someone seems to have gt on the right track. they have a simple reason for being slow and providing less features.
    first its a beta product 🙂
    second they do not ear revenues from that, blogger was just a step towards publicity and recognition. google’s main aim seems to be only advertisement.

    how many of their beta’s have improved significantly after their first launch?

    # no comments on spaces 😉 i own one.

  2. 2 manoj

    Hey man Sam…

    The revenue reason you said works only for M$, cause its the only company trying to get revenue out of everything.
    FYI google doesn’t charge anything from the internet for most of their services… unlike M$ who I remember used to charge even for a simple hotmail account for additional 5 mb.

    Don’t talk about their own advertising… they don’t need it, the quality of things that they make talk for themselves.
    The beta thing, I think gmail is FAAAAR better then the outlook/ms exchange of M$ leave alone there crappy hotmail.

    If you are inM$ doesn’t mean that the competitor is necessarily bad.

    Jai BC


  3. hmmm .. the G$$GLE and M$ war again … again not interested in jumping in 🙂 ..

    Jayaram ! Nice to see you back in the blogging arena … atleast now we will have some interesting blogs to read ..

  4. right on abt the changing templates … i felt my css senses surge when i first saw it .. but quickly thought it was not for me to understand it…

    I think we should have an AJAX based blog. Just right click on the right panel and create new categories/subcategories or add to blogroll .. . clilck on the main body and write a new post… and so on and so forth … *sigh* if google does this .. i might move out from blosxom …

  5. 5 jayaram

    I will write some other time about the two approaches to web site minimalistic and the other maximalistic..360 & spaces follow the 2nd approach leading to a cluttered feel..but again that is another topic.

    if I remember blogger is not a beta..has not been a beta for a long time might behave like a beta but I dont think google calls it that.

    what better oppurtunity than blogs to boost ad revenues? there are bloggers out there who earn six figures just by blogging and using Adsense..keeping blogger up to speed should be win win for everyone shouldnt it?

    improvements after coming out of beta? well theres only one that fits the bill local and google maps..and a cursory glance will show the improvements..local and maps are now integrated..there are many small additions just like easter eggs..but if the beta itself is so know perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai 😛

  6. 6 suryakant

    Hi Jaya….l00S3R Sam….didnt u read that he has ranked space below blogspot…so stop pushing blogger to limits becos space gets worse everytime u talk abt blogger that way…

    JAI BC …..


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