Adsense for TV


These days I get to watch a lot of TV.Inside my room in my guest house, I have a TV without a set top box.For those of you not in the know,Chennai was the only metro in the country where the CAS ruling of a couple of years ago was implemented.

I can step into the hall and watch “normal” tv but back to the topic now..

On my TV I watch Pogo for a pretty long time, especially in the early morning when they have Tiny TV running.Noddy,Kipper the dog and Batman and Robin are some shows I watch regularly. What I found most interesting is the nature of ad’s that are shown during these shows..for example Tiny TV counts Pothy’s as one of its sponsors.Pothy’s is a largish silk saree showroom chain here.I also saw ad’s for the new Optra as well as one in which Hema Malini praises some bank loans(rajasthan bank I think).

I dont think kids in theΒ 5-14 range whom Pogo would count as its clientiele would really be interested or even be able to buy a silk saree or an optra or convince their parents to take a loan.So why do advertisers have these ads on pogo in the first place? are they just spreading their ad spends in the hope of getting better TRP’s or what? Beats me.

Now if there was something like adsense for TV..a lot of money could be spent so much better with possibly much better results.I know there are those TAM meters and those Nielsen ratings but they dont seem to be of much use if I go by my experience with Pogo.But any new technology would require interaction with the user..something that is not possible without a set top box..the lack of which forces me to watch Pogo in the first place!!

btw FTV shows no ads and is FTA(free to air) πŸ˜›



4 Responses to “Adsense for TV”

  1. hmm, Pogo – just the reason why Jayaram is still fresh despite all that pressures of Verizon!

    ha! Innocence is a great virtue, and blessed are all those who recollect those days of innocence πŸ™‚

    I somehow am finding a lot of people belonging to Google Religion everyday. I just hope people honestly follow the religion and “DO NO EVIL”

  2. “But any new technology would require interaction with the user”

    I doubt it in this case. Ok, any interaction would make it only better, but the ads may be decided as per the target audience of that channel. After all, channels and the shows and the ads – all of them have a preferred target audience. Just don’t do a mix & match of these three and one has adsense for TV!

    Easier said than done… πŸ™‚

  3. maybe they are watching you and they know who you are and are showing ads customized just for you πŸ˜› ?

    are we there yet ?

  4. Pranav, jayaram isn’t “fresh” because of Pogo, but because of FTV (did you not read the last line?)

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