Glass and Chrome


These days its raining in Chennai.I find out only when I step out of office early in the morning(Graveyard shift these days).

Most days its 35+ degrees in Chennai.I find out only when I step out of office.

Occasionally its a beautiful day in Chennai.I mostly miss those days because I am ensconed(?) in my office.

My office is a huge glass and chrome edifice that rises majestically almost in the middle of the Guindy National Park.Its name is Tidel Park.The namers(?) obviously had a sense of humor.A glass and chrome park in the middle of a real deer park.

Safe from the elements,comfortable in the 23-26 degree temprature maintained by the HVAC(heating ventilation and cooling?) systems 9600 of us “techies” do not know if its hot or cold or raining or beautiful outside.The glass and chrome “protect” us from the elements.We call up the security on the ground floor to find out if its raining..we find it easier to open to find out the weather than make the trek to the ground floor(9 floors down).

Which brings me to the point..why do most “modern buildings” have to be glass and chrome monoliths? Why are they built in such  a way that the people inside cannot distinguish if its day or night? . Most advertisements for buildings that say “high tech” interiors probably mean glass and chrome exteriors. And this is true in the case of not just my place of work or in Chennai..its the same story in Hyd or in Bang or in Pune or in Tampa Bay Florida.

I have lived in apartments for pretty much all my  life and they were never built to hide the elements..they were built to enhance the feeling of warmth and cosiness when its raining outside..or cool friendliness when its hot outside.

Even at the risk of  sounding frustrated -which at the moment I am not- we are like lab samples..exposure to extremes will reduce our efficiency.

I am told its raining outside..excuse me while I step see we have a shortage of water here in Chennai.


6 Responses to “Glass and Chrome”

  1. so are you back from fetching the pail of water? we have to talk about the postmodernist retro-naturalist thoughts.

  2. same here … I get to know that its raining in Hyderabad, in eMails or when someone IMs me… but I have one advantage I can see the outside weather from the cafeteria…

  3. Ha ha ha ha…
    I can see the blue clear, sometimes unclear, sky whenever I want. I just have turn my head away from the comp and lo-and-behold, there is the sky.. 😀 Ha ha ha.. Sadistic pleasure is good! 🙂

  4. same here 😛
    i can see cool blue sky or black cloud raining heavily whenever i want.
    chennai sucks 😀

  5. expected missed the forest for the log.
    Its not about views..dont think there is a view as beautiful as watching the coastline stretch for km while sitting in the cafeteria..we have that view..its about missing the “feeling”..
    you only know its cant smell the earth..nor feel the cold wouldnt understand..never mind modernist WHAT?

  6. nahp. cant remember why i wrote that. but def it must been something really profound.

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