Cab from Office to Railway station    -free(offish pays)

Luxury taxi for the day                  – 1500 Rs

2 day stay in Taj Coromandel         -9800 Rs

Lunch at fancy restaurent             -1200 Rs

Balcony tickets for Love ActuallyA lot like love    -180 Rs

Coming back to office just to realise that the link is down- Priceless

There are somethings money can buy for some other things you just need luck!

Ps: My relatives are in town for a couple of days 🙂


 Cab to airport to drop relatives of at the airport-150Rs

Being told to go through a 1,31,306 line log file at 8 in the evening- Pure frustration




4 Responses to “Ad”

  1. Balcony tickets .. uhmm .. lemme guess … the corner two seats ??

    hey you forgot to mention the bucks for candy/balloon/toy that you must have bought for kids

    he he … On Second thoughts, May be I should have just written No comments ..

    he he .. it’s ok jaya …

  3. oops .. sorry .. was seeing an unrefreshed page .. you have’nt deleted my comment .. thank you .. 😉

  4. 🙂 on a posting spree huh? nothing like loneliness to drive you towards blogging. Solitude is manna to the intellectual 😀

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