It dosent rain in Chennai Part I


While starting for Chennai to join VZ, my dad dug out the old raincoat.I said NO! Dad,It dosent rain in Chennai.

I probably should have got it along.

This thursday when I started for office it was drizzling just a little,the sky was overcast and the clouds appeared heavy.I thanked my stars for making it to office without getting wet..a couple of hours later when I went downstairs for lunch I saw it was pouring heavily.Ah finally its raining in Chennai I thought.
Back to office again..
Later in the evening when we stepped down again,it was still raining..Chennai needs this kind of rainfall more often I thought..

Much later in the night at around 2,it was still raining..not wanting to get wet I booked a cab.Travelling in the cab,I couldnt help noticing that most areas were already under a thin(probably 1 ft) sheet of we approached my guest house,we saw a few uprooted trees accross the Madhya Kailash area(around 2km from office).
This rains getting troublesome I thought.

Closer to my guest house the water level was considerably higher…the cab was throwing up fountains of water on both sides as it ploughed through the muddy water.
Once inside my room I didnt really think about the rains..the bed appeared far too tempting for me to think about rains and other international issues.

I woke about 3 hours later ..mainly due to a nightmare which had me sinking into a quicksand..My cousins who were visiting were flying back to Hyd and then onward to Vizag by bus/train(Vizag airport is still flooded).They had a hotel car to drop them and picked me up on the way. 5:00 in the morning.

On the way the rain picked up so much that the driver slowed to a crawl,even with the wipers running full blast visibility was down to 10-15 ft,not very conducive for driving really.We reached the airport around 6ish.Flights were running late..kindof expected.We hung around in the lounge until their flight was finally announced at around 9.After saying goodbyes,I started back.

3 hours a huge difference can make.The rains had reduced a little in intensity as compared to the early morning battering also the airport access roads were mostly clear.Nearer my guest house the scene was completely different.The water level was considerably higher.Atleast 3 ft in most areas..more trees had fallen as compared to 3 hours ago and the rain seemed to be heavier here.
Rains may not be good after all I thought.

The previous night and early in the morning I distinctly remembered a couple of two-wheelers parked downstairs.Now as the car pulled up near the gate,I could see only the handles of the bikes.Oh Fuck.This is NOT GOOD. As far as I could see there was waist high water everywhere.The lone place not underwater was the graveyard accross the road..even the water seemed to be scared of the graves.
Somehow managed to scamper into the guest house without getting wet or having to wade through the water.

Continued shortly 🙂


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