It dosent rain in Chennai Part II


As I ate breakfast,the power lines gave way.I called up office and told them I might be late due to the rains..after dosent rain in Chennai.The rain kept picking up..I called up a couple of cab companies to send a cab over..mostly I didnt get the line..and when I did the guy at the other end said no cabs were running due to the rains.

At about 10 I called up Suneet, a colleague, to find out where he was.His position was no different.In Velachary, about 10km away, he had just woken up to find the lane in front of his house flooded.We discussed the possibility of bunking.He said he had work and would go to office.I said I couldnt make it out with the rains being as they were.

He later called from outside office to say that the area that was dug up for road widening was fully flooded and resembled a mini river..the guards were actually helping each employee cross over! The swimming pool was also overflowing..and several trees inside Tidel Park had fallen.
Chennai’s gotten enough rain.I hope it stops I was thinking to myself.

Lunch was had quietely without power.The supervisor of the guest house ran the generator for a couple of hours allowing us to charge our phones and listen to the news.What I understood was that the area I stay in was high on the flooding list..strange..I needed the news to confirm what I could easily see outside.Then the fuel ran out and darkness again.

Around 4 I saw around 20-30 families with their stuff heading towards the main road.Why bother I thought? The supervisor made some calls and came and told us that a tributory of the Adyar river which was about 300mt away from the guest house was rumored to be overflowing and the waters would reach our area soon.The six months I have been in Chennai,Adyar has not been associated with a river..the best I always thought of the “river” is always as a large storm drain.Now some “tributory” of some “river” was breaking banks?
Luckily the cops were quick to arrive at the scene and dispel any such rumors..ppl still left for thought..we dont trust the cops at all! One guy in the guest house would have left..had his car started..
Wheres the Sun!

All this times the rains were lashing empty cup-o-noodles cup that I had placed on the balcony ledge had gotten full a couple of times already.That could not be good.The cross stones on the graves in the graveyard accross the roads were also getting more and more difficult to distinguish.When the dead are underwater…it cant be a good time for the living.

Around 5 I had had enough of rain watching and hit the bunk.I slept soundly for a couple of hours waking only when the mosquitoes started to trouble too much.By now the rains had lessened considerably..water was running off quite quickly too..but the sheer volume of water that had collected meant it would be a long time before the roads could be seen again.


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