It dosent rain in Chennai Part III


Today morning I woke at around 6 to the sound of machinary.Stepping out into the balcony I saw some municipality workers running huge pumpsets that were pumping water out of houses and towards the graveyard.A few other ppl were also using power saws to cut off the remaining parts of a tree that gave way last night/day.
Very very efficient I thought.But I also thought that this was because this area was a super posh area with a minister and a couple of MLA’s living in close vicinity.

The sun was out bright.The power had come back sometime late in the night.The weather reports said it wouldnt rain atleast till the evening.

On the way to work there was debris everwhere..corporation workers could be seen clearing debris or cutting trees or pumping water in several areas.Closer to office,the mini river that was created was still there..5 or 6 huge pumpsets were pumping water but they seemed to make little difference..the much vaunted road(IT corridor it is called) that was supposed to come up was completely underwater.

I went to check my heart sank when I saw a tree fallen over the place it was parked..ppl were cutting it(the tree).I peeked in and was happy to see that the brunt of the tree’s weight was taken by another bike beside mine..and save for the broken rearview mirror nothing else was lost..I was even more worried since my insurance has run out.Thanks to the owner of TN 27 AC 28** for his sacrifice.

It seems a lot of ppl werent able to come to office yesterday.Attendance was thin accross companies.Everyone though was unanimous about two things..
1.The govt had worked overtime to restore normalcy
2.Chennai without rains was somehow better!

At the airport the previous day,my cousin who had faced a similar battering in Vizag and who had come to Chennai partly to get away from the rain clogged city asked me cynically..
“I thought you said it dosent rain in Chennai?”
all I could think of was..I should have got my raincoat.


6 Responses to “It dosent rain in Chennai Part III”

  1. 1 someone

    can u pls tell me how to get wordpress blog ??

  2. What would you do with a raincoat when the water is 3 feet high? 🙂 You should have got a canoe or something…

  3. install flock from, open the browser go to blogs section and register for a new account and choose from typepad or wordpress and get a free wordpress account.

  4. You r safe … ur bike is safe ..
    thats all that matters … 😛

  5. Jayaram… how are you .. thik thak .. how did you celebrate the deepawali ..

  1. 1 The Chronicles of a Happy Life » What’s a blogger to do..

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