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This trip I have not picked up calls on my phone from any Hyd numbers save for 2. It shows a grand total of 28 missed calls in 5 days.And I feel strangely happy. Almost a sense of satisfaction at having the power/balls to say NO. Around the end of October,I lost my old phone.Then […]

1.Asking Mom if she accepts SodexHo’s or TicketRestaurents 2.Empty wallets with credit card bills for most pubs in Hyderabad 3.Explain that 2 only happened because your drunkard friends couldnt pay on their own and you couldnt very well leave them there. 4.Come back at 2 in the morning and ring the neighbours door bell thinking […]



My brothers on the market 🙂 . He cannot fend it off for too long now.Another year at max. Saw first hand how these things work.How relatives spread the word amongst themselves.. In almost every corner with more than 3-4 female relatives,I could hear snatches of conversation with keywords “IIM Calcutta,Wipro,Germany,USA” and as a shorter […]



Am home at Vizag for,what I think is some well deserved,Rest and Recuperation. I am king of my comp here. I can delete the shortcuts on my desktop here.I dont need to request a sysadmin to do that.I can install the latest version of Opera on my own.Again dont need no sysadmin for that! Can […]