Am home at Vizag for,what I think is some well deserved,Rest and Recuperation.

I am king of my comp here.
I can delete the shortcuts on my desktop here.I dont need to request a sysadmin to do that.I can install the latest version of Opera on my own.Again dont need no sysadmin for that!
Can store as many songs as my harddisk can hold without fear of Marimba finding out. Damn!
I can even watch porn..if only I remember where I hid it before leaving 🙂

Am here on a long holiday.I plan to visit my ancestral village which I havent done for the past 8 years. I also plan to meet as many ppl as I can. I also plan to resusicate my dying blog,so be warned


2 Responses to “R&R”

  1. a correction: resuscitate is the correct word (i searched dictionary.com since i did not know the meaning and found this out)

    welcome back !!

  2. dude you have a cd write at home? dont hide the porn this time. get them on cd’s 😀

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