My brothers on the market 🙂 . He cannot fend it off for too long now.Another year at max.

Saw first hand how these things work.How relatives spread the word amongst themselves..
In almost every corner with more than 3-4 female relatives,I could hear snatches of conversation with keywords “IIM Calcutta,Wipro,Germany,USA” and as a shorter prelude/afterword “IIIT,MNC”.This intro from some relative on our side would be followed by “MCA,Satyam” or “B.Tech,Infosys” from the other side.

Also made a promise to myself.Will NOT drive a family owned car until I am better at driving.Its just too humiliating to have every gear shift evaluated by a panel of younger drivers.

btw Vizag has its own Big Bazaar too now 🙂 .(my kaam wali bai recomends we buy from there as its cheaper..any views on this? )


3 Responses to “And”

  1. I know how it feels to have your every move scrutinized while driving the car. 🙂 I went through the same thing this time at home…
    Anyways I did not give up driving and people stopped sitting with me, and so the scrutiny ended 😀

  2. regarding your kaamwali bai’s opinions — it is truly india shining !!

  3. so after your manager, you have started listening to ur kaam waali too 😉

    btw everybody buys stuff from big bazaar … thats veryyyyy common, you should try something else … you’re not a common man … 🙂

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