Dont try these at home


1.Asking Mom if she accepts SodexHo’s or TicketRestaurents
2.Empty wallets with credit card bills for most pubs in Hyderabad
3.Explain that 2 only happened because your drunkard friends couldnt pay on their own and you couldnt very well leave them there.
4.Come back at 2 in the morning and ring the neighbours door bell thinking it to be yours.
5.Now explain pt.2 in an even more convincing fashion.
6.Explain the difference between an infrastructre circuit and a hardwired circuit.
7.Staying up at 3 in the morning cooking up something to write on your blog 😉


5 Responses to “Dont try these at home”

  1. Sometime ago, I was chatting with this guy.. lets call him xyz..

    xyz: the building you rot in the day
    xyz: that titus is built with vizag stieel
    xyz: whole of hitech city is vizag
    xyz: its all true! you can see the stell rods outside the building

    Do you, by any chance, happen to know him?

  2. he he he he

    Aweosme post 😀

  3. I would have loved to be there when pt.2 was happening… 😀

  4. u didnt replied my sms

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