This trip I have not picked up calls on my phone from any Hyd numbers save for 2.
It shows a grand total of 28 missed calls in 5 days.And I feel strangely happy.
Almost a sense of satisfaction at having the power/balls to say NO.

Around the end of October,I lost my old phone.Then I was phoneless for about 5 days iirc.
Far from feeling gratified/satisfied,I was mortified. I couldnt do without a phone.Needed one immediatly.Unlike the current spell,where I am Out Of Office, I was in Chennai at a 5 minute drive from office.

What explains the difference? Having the option of doing something but not doing it, seems to give a sense of power.Not having the option at all makes one helpless.

How I related phones to philosophy I do not know..but nonetheless..
Wish you all a very Happy New Year.
May you all blog till you die.


4 Responses to “Phoneless”

  1. HNY Jayaram 🙂

  2. “May you all blog till you die”
    Amen to that 🙂
    Hope you adhere to that policy too 😀
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Jayaram,

    Happy New Year!

    The story of not using a phone inspires me.
    I guess I will tell my cell story some time 🙂

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