Time to boast


Have been quite humble for some time now.
So I guess I can boast a little now 🙂

Have a look at My Bro in a suite .

With a brother like me,this is the least expected from him isnt it?


10 Responses to “Time to boast”

  1. Those who brag about those things which are worth bragging are worthy of bragging.

  2. ok, i dont a think a bucketful of congratulations isnt out of place here! congratulations and start yapping! he he 🙂

  3. Good going dude! Hope you will achive similar heights too. Congratulations to your brother.

  4. 4 manoj

    How much is 1000 euros in rupees?? What portion are you getting… When is the party ?

  5. Jayaram .. kuch to sikh apne bhai se …

  6. yep rocky is correct …. 😛

  7. are you sure .. he’s your brother :-O

  8. uncle, we want party… 😀

  9. uncle uncle .. mujhe chocolate chahiye …
    uncle uncle .. aunty kahan hai ?

  10. Reality does catch up doesn’t it epseically when young strangers start callind you Uncle -It hurts right from head to ankle. For how long can one try and be like Dev Anand even if one wanted to.

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