All grown up now


Whats the sign of being grown up?
When the neighbours 14 year old kid calls you UNCLE :(.

Small toddlers,kids learning to speak ..its ok if they call me uncle,but grown up kids?
Went to meet a cousin whom I havent met in some time now,her kid in 3rd called me uncle! I mean what the hell..I am just a few years older.

Picked up the phone today evening..a ladies voice on the other end.I said “hi Jayaram here who is this? ” and the stoopid answer from the other end..”oh Jayaram uncle this is Sayanthika here. Is Mam at home? ”
And this girl Sayanthika was 4 years my junior in school!! NO FRIGGING JUSTICE IN LIFE!!

Its not like that “Super Vasmol 32” ad where the bloke has white hair instead of jet black.I mean I dont look “unclish” at all!

I was on the lawn below my apartment,an “aunty” from the 3rd floor tells her kid pointing towards me “beta throw the ball to uncle”. Now I know why all the kids get spoilt and call young ppl like me uncle..its coz their mom’s are taking revenge for being called aunty.

The postman knocks on the door,a 16 year old cousin opens the door,Postman says call the elder guy,she calls me and I am allowed to sign for the courier though its not on my name….

Yes I guess I am all grown up now.So tata for now from Jayaram Uncle.Be good.


13 Responses to “All grown up now”

  1. 🙂

  2. oye uncle, aunty mili ki nahi ab tak

  3. can totally identify 😦 justice is all lost in this world!

  4. “her kid in 3rd called me uncle! I mean what the hell..I am just a few years older.”
    few == about 15 years… 🙂
    soon we’ll hear cries of, “uncle uncle, ice-cream khilao na…” 😀

  5. rotfl

  6. I need tons of super vasmol but still I feel sad when someone calls me uncle :(. Now I’m getting used to it. you too will.

    btw, happy new year.

  7. Happy New Year Dude…Find an aunty soon

  8. 9 Booty

    Been there dude.. enjoy 🙂
    youll’ get used to it.

  9. pehchan koun??? saw ur blog now :(… not been blogging of late. Aur bata.. call karne wala tha tu what happened. You missed ur best opportunity to meet me u know ;))

  10. 11 sriram - ug2k3

    just because you (& slip) wore a school uniform in amalgam, you dont get younger!!

  11. 12 raj

    I felt having grown up when a girl in the media lab, for which I was a Research Assistant, thought that I was a professor lol..

  12. 13 Ashwin


    It mayb the size. Try losing about 20 kilos and U might b called bro ;).

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