water cooler talk


Emp A- Damn! you know these cups are so small they are of hardly any use at all!

Emp B- you know..I heard that in company I they initially restricted the use of cups and later started firing ppl?

Emp A- oh really? so is our company also starting to fire ppl?

Emp C passes by hearing just this part.

C->D – I overheard two senior ppl talking about firing ppl here?

D->E – I heard theres a list of ppl whom the company is willing to let go of!

E->F – I saw a list with about 200 names which I believe is a list of ppl who will be fired.

F->A during a conference –  There are rumors of large scale layoffs. Can you clarify on that?

A->HR – Whats this about layoff’s I am hearing?

HR->A – Absolutely untrue.

3 weeks later A and B meet in a different company

A->B – Lucky for us we got out before the company actually kicked us out..any further news about our old company?

B->A – No none so far but I would like to lay my hands on that ‘sob’ who started such silly rumors



9 Responses to “water cooler talk”

  1. hey jayaram, when did you get discharged from hospital? or are you blogging from bed?
    Wishing you a speedy recovery…

  2. 🙂 nice talks ..
    waise ab tu fir se kab hospital gaya ??

  3. ROTFL. awesome one.

    and hey! why you in hospital? did they find out that you started it all?

  4. :)) very dilbertish

  5. so finally decided to pay a visit to the bloggin world?

  6. good to see u’re back. hospital.. are you ok?

  7. wah!! back again to this blog.. Assuming those employees were males, the situation must have been even worse, had those employees been females 😉 n wat abt the hospital baby?

  8. 8 Venki

    wtf is this hospital thing??
    something happened?

  9. Actually, this is the smartest way of getting rid of unwanted ppl :-)..gud one

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