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Sidney Sheldon was not my favourite author but saved me from many a boring train journeys. BBC news article about his death Advertisements

I have a question. If you were permitted one murder without fear of anything,whom would you murder and why? I am justĀ  trying to see if there are others who think like me. If anyone working in companies is hessitant to write their real names I would totally understand. I am just collecting some datapoints […]

From article: IMAGINE THAT on 9/11, six hours after the assault on the twin towers and the Pentagon, terrorists had carried out a second wave of attacks on the United States, taking an additional 3,000 lives. Imagine that six hours after that, there had been yet another wave. Now imagine that the attacks had continued, […]

1 plug point?


These days everyone’s talking real estate. I read a lot of email’s for buying/selling houses that describe the features of the house in intricate details. A typical ad would read like 1. Key Specifications: a. 3 Bedroom, 1750Sqft , vitrified tiles in the entire house. b. Recently Painted + Woodwork Polish done c. Electricals completely […]

Why I go home?