1 plug point?


These days everyone’s talking real estate. I read a lot of email’s for buying/selling houses that describe the features of the house in intricate details. A typical ad would read like

1. Key Specifications:

a. 3 Bedroom, 1750Sqft , vitrified tiles in the entire house.

b. Recently Painted + Woodwork Polish done

c. Electricals completely done

d. Modular Kitchen with Electric Chimney

e. Drawing/Living room (7Ft *9 Ft TV Cabinet with Showcase), and Dining room (Partitioned Wooden Cabinet for Cutlery and Misc Items), with all essential woodwork done.

f. All 3 Bedrooms with attached bathrooms

g. One Covered Car Parking. 24 Hr Power + Water backup available


Having stayed in apartments for almost all my life, in various cities of this country I have a MAJOR rant against all builders.

WTF is there only 1 plug point/room? Whats the point of touting the apartment as deluxe and expecting its inhabitants to plug in all their appliances into one measly power outlet!

At home we have a wireless router, a worldspace radio,the radio’s speakers all jostling for the same socket. In my bedroom I cant charge my comp since if I do that would mean taking out the All Out leaving me at the mercy of mosquito’s. TV viewing is also ruled out for the same reason.My mobile remains uncharged since its too much of an effort to go and plug it into the kitchen socket.

Why cant builders throw in 2-3 sockets liberally dispersed all over the room! This is the high tech zamana..expect ppl to have 2 cell phones , atleast one laptop,high end TV’s and higher end speakers. Could some civil engineer cast light as to what is so complicated in putting in more sockets?

Smartass’s out there dont tell me I can buy an extension board and plug them in. Our appliances have outgrown even that.



6 Responses to “1 plug point?”

  1. u actually bloggin again !! any reason for the long hiatus??

  2. I think this is the 3rd time I am saying – “good to have you back blogging…. ”
    hope I do not say it the 4th time ….
    and what is the obsession with this theme? first utkarsh, now you!

  3. 3 Neha

    I have 4 sockets in my room 😛

  4. Well, no complaints frm my side, I have 3 sockets in my room ! 🙂

  5. welcome back jaya..

  6. You get placed in a different and higher billing slab if the no. of plug points exceed a certain no.

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