Blogger moves out of Beta


I have ranted in the past about blogger not being anything close to what we tend to expect from Google. Well they were a little slow in hearing but they heard all right.

After God knows how many years, Blogger has finally moved out of Beta! Its now integrated with google accounts and you can map your account to your old blog.

I didnt get too much time to actually play around with the new UI but first impressions were that its “ok”. I wasnt impressed enough to think about giving up wordpress.

I am a little concerned about one thing though. How many things will they tie to my google account!

  1. Orkut
  2. Gmail
  3. Gtalk
  4. Blogger
  5. Froogle/Google checkout
  6. YouTube(not yet tied in,but I give it another 6 months)
  7. PicasaWeb
  8. GoogleNews

Thats practically my whole online life!

Google now knows who my friends are thanks to Orkut, it knows whom amongst those I am in touch with via email/chat ,it knows what I blog about(if I used blogger), it knows what camera I use and how many times I upload pics and it knows what news interests me,It knows my credit card information and it knows what video’s I watch on gootube!

<Sarcasm>Its good that Google “Does no evil” </Sarcasm> otherwise I would be really screwed!


3 Responses to “Blogger moves out of Beta”

  1. hey hey ..took u long enough man, i think the ‘does no evil’ tag ALWAYS applies to the underdog – wisdom of the crowds u know. all the same its a given that google’s collecting huge repos. of data – remember that hoopla about Google’s doctoring results (of course to highest paying bidders 🙂 )

  2. 🙂

  3. 3 adi

    he he .. that’s like a good MS employee [;)]

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