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I used to think my job is hi-tech. Turns out flush pot technology is right up there with out of space travel. Wired carries a whole 3 page article about this here! The American Standard Toilet company claims to be able to able to flush 20 golf balls with just 6 Lts of water! Got […]

Anyone else seen the new orkut or did they just “happen” to realise that I was becoming a big fan of facebook. Google is scaring me a little these days!



Me is a big Bose fan – for two reasons- First they sound good Second they look good For the past few days I have been using the ones below thanks to a wealthy friend. Bose really shows it class when you pump up the volume. Aerosmith’s Dream on and Maiden’s Afraid to shoot strangers […]

My boss has been at me for some time now to get a mouse to use with the laptop. I feel it’s a slight on me to give up the joystick/pointer on the laptop and use a lowly mouse so I would tell him that I was waiting for a wireless mouse. Someone from the […]

RSS sucks


2:30 in the night – Conversation on the phone Girl: I dream of you night and day. I might forget breathing but I can’t forget you, that’s how much I miss you. Guy : I love you too, I cant even begin to tell you how much. (Sigh, this is soooo tough!) Guy to self: […]



Specially for CS lovers <_xxpunkerz> dude what are you going to major in for college? <Likwidoxigen> I’m gonna be a CS major… Why? <_xxpunkerz> WOAH!!! Dude you can major in Counterstrike? Taken from at 4:30 AM 🙂

On love


Another quote someone gave me recently To love and be loved back in return is the most beautiful feeling ever