Yesterday I had to call up Reliance customer care to have my STD re-activated. My address as per Reliance is still in Chennai and I haven’t gotten around to changing it even 2 years later.

So I give them my address and went into flash back mode thinking about the close to 5 months I spent there. There is this one incident that I just cannot forget-

Me to A (in our room)- You know what ? You are a Narcissist .

A does not understand the word immediately and goes into the hall to find out

A to N (in the hall)- Abey what is a narcissist ?

N – You are a narcissist .

All 5 of us (Except A obviously) are ROFLAO for 10 minutes .

Why this was funny is because A is not really a Narcissist .


4 Responses to “Narcissism”

  1. 1 smr

    poor A.
    nice that you are blogging again. dailyrium kindof.

  2. lol.. that really was a good one.. but your memory fails you…
    it was at the Grand Hotel.. not at home. and A didn’t ask N.. he asked S …. trust me.. no way i can ever forget that scene 😀

  3. flashback mode … who were the 6?
    J, A, N, U, S … I am missing the sixth one.. who was it?
    by the way this is becoming a nice acronym 😛

  4. he he .. I remember that one 🙂
    By the way Sreejith .. It was at home .. not at Grand
    And I am even sure he asked N first .. probably went on later to ask S too .. not sure about that
    But whatever .. it was a great scene 😀
    @KD .. last one would be V (Vishnu 🙂 )

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