Me is a big Bose fan – for two reasons-

First they sound good

Second they look good

For the past few days I have been using the ones below thanks to a wealthy friend. Bose in ear

Bose really shows it class when you pump up the volume.

Aerosmith’s Dream on and Maiden’s Afraid to shoot strangers (ripped from original CD’s at 320Kbps) have taken on a whole new meaning. Up until now I always missed the “highs” and the “lows” that people would keep talking about and would wonder what the fuck they meant . Now I know.

Some things are meant to be aspired for. These are one of those. I can’t see myself paying 5.5K for them any day.

Just in case you didn’t know- Somu (Of MSR fame) has these – 550$ baby this is.

HD 650


9 Responses to “Bose!”

  1. and i thought you were one of my wealthy friends 😦

  2. yeah actually Somu had them from a very long time, lol, he doesnt crave about them nemore
    he got new big wooden tall ones, rs. 60k worth ones 😮

  3. whoa.. ripped at 320 kbps ??? its time we laugh at that joke again 🙂

    remember 192 kbps .. surround sound???

  4. 550$ !!!!!!
    my panasonic earphones cost less in rupees 😛

  5. 5 skp

    @kunal : same here 😛 …

    @Unni : We should look for a wealthy boss, in the quest of bose…

  6. Current To Buys:

    1. Bose Headphones
    2. Digital Camera
    3. XBOX 360 games

    In no particular order 😀

  7. i think you forgot to add “D K” before or after the post title

  8. 8 soumyajit

    Bose sucks bigtime… Anyone who’s planning to get them stay far far away. A pair of creative EP630 that costs 1k sounds better than the bose in this post. Also I paid roughly half of the MSRP for the HD650. It doesn’t end there though… once you have a good pair of headphones, you need to look down the chain. The Source and Amplification are equally important.

  9. 9 ias

    Soumyajit, for some the brand name is everthing. They want one on their clothes, accessories, skin… you can see this everywhere (remember the “mera baap chor hai” branding? ;)) ). You are starting a very dangerous trend here… think about all the Marketing aspiring professionals!
    I for one dont go by a brand in anything but i did buy Bose QC2 and the SILENCE it gave me was worth every penny! Andif you are the one who want to be in that “exclusive” club, this kind of shit can really give you a high.

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