Orkut badal gaya


Anyone else seen the new orkut or did they just “happen” to realise that I was becoming a big fan of facebook. Google is scaring me a little these days!

New Orkut


5 Responses to “Orkut badal gaya”

  1. i agree with the fortune cookie. Mind i am not sure but you are certainly broad 😛

  2. lol @ sreejith …
    and check this — http://mindwarrior.wordpress.com/2007/05/17/desimartini-copies-facebook-ui/ .. kopos too had similar thoughts.. although that was for another “social networking” site..

  3. I got the same look for orkut .. but it doesn’t look quite as good as face-book.
    I dont think everyone has got it yet. No one else in my office seems to have got the new look !!

  4. i still got the old look …. and i’m not using facebook …true *very scary* 😛

  5. at first when i got the news i was quite excited but after seeing i thought it wasn’t that good as it seemed…
    i think they should have changed the appearence more if they had an idea of changin something..
    it still looks much the same and very very sober

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