I hate this


I hate it when people do this .

8 Responses to “I hate this”

  1. u mean the freaking popups ( and not frequent hyperlinks).
    i might have missed that as i checked in feed reader.
    yea.. it sucks big time.
    i will use plugin if i want to preview some link, or click on the link.
    who want to preview every link, and i don’t even find it very useful.
    that too every time i scroll my mouse around the post.
    and consider people like me who select the text multiple times while reading.

  2. I hate that too- but I hate it when someone overlinks to wikipedia in specific! It’s just so damn irritating!!

  3. i for one simply have to do that… and that it irks you gives me added pleasure! 😀

  4. you DO know how to make a point …

    I was thinking of hyper-linking every word to wikipedia, but I am lazy 😛

  5. hmm… u hate it so u gotta do it too 🙂
    makes much sense mano …

  6. you should have hyperlinked the ‘dot’ as well 😀

  7. 7 ias

    Oh, so THE Jayaram is angry…. what a bummer. Not suprised though. But you shouldnt overestimate other’s vocab, I for one was really enlightened by your self explanatory nothings.

  1. 1 smr’s blog » i have nothing to blog

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