Bye bye Live Mail


There was this hype around the whole Live Mail launch recently with a flurry of mails hitting my inbox.

I went and got a live id since I got one I liked. Tarun happened to crib to me about Live mail client around the same time so I went and installed it to see what it was all about. Compared to OL 2007 it wasn’t really all that great but I let it hang around on the system that night.

A large part of my work depends on using the “Send Mail” feature in the bug tool or in ppt or in excel. As usual I clicked on send mail to send a mail and it opened up the live mail client.

The bitch of a software went and took over my send mail and set itself as the default mail client! And I couldn’t find anything in Live mails options that would allow me to revoke that. Turns out that the default mail client setting for a mapi connection (Ask google what that means) has to be set in IE!

So that’s why “Bye bye Live Mail” for me.

PS: I told it not to be the default. So stfu.


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