More PJ’s !


IPL over, time available on hand. What does one do except come up with or collect PJ’s ? Here are the latest ones for your frustrating pleasure

Q- 4 MBA students head out every evening. They find some random innocent guy and thrash him up black and blue. Then one of them takes out a bell from his pocket and rings it once. After that all the students run away.

What were they doing?

Ans: They were “mar” “ke” “ting”.

Q- There was this guy who had this unique ability. Every women he met, he could make her go to bed with him in no time at all. How was he able to do this?

Ans: He was a layman

Yet again, best of luck


11 Responses to “More PJ’s !”

  1. wah wah wah wah !!

  2. 2 obelix

    obelix applauds

  3. 3 Sultan

    So does Sultan.

  4. 4 HalleY

    Why is it .. PJ’s .. shudn’t it be PJs :-s ??

  5. 5 Kunal

    dude the “best of luck” should be before the post too 😀

    and awesome dude awesome! soon you may be competing with Unni 😛

  6. mythalez,obelix,sultan and halley- Its encouragement like this that keeps me motivated and encourages me to constantly outdo myself . PJ’s are a dying art you know 😉

    Kunal- The teacher never needs to compete with the student. 😀

  7. 7 Rohith

    Sirrrrrrrrr!!!! what happened to you sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr????? ela unde vaaru ela ayipoyaaru sirrrrr….. chaste chacchindi tokkalo art…. meeru maaneyyandi sirrrrrrr 😛

  8. 8 Abhishek Sainani


  9. 9 Himank

    Nice ones man.. I for sure can’t give you competition but your post inspired me to write PJs of a friend of mine, they will sure impress PJ connoisseurs like you.. You can find it here
    Sorry for shamelessly posting the link but couldnt help it !! 😛

  10. 10 satya

    how do u come up with stuff like this?! 😛

  1. 1 PJ Queen - II « Ye Meri Life hai…

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