Today’s office talk


10 AM IBN is reporting- “Satyam CEO fraud…”

1 PM meeting: ” Heard the news ? Satyam fraud wowie..”

1:30 PM lunch: “But how did he do it ” ” arrest the auditors” “job market will be flooded”

2:30 PM water cooler: ” Abe toone 4 bug fix kiye hai 400 nahi..satyam ki tarah behave mat kar”

3:00 PM nicotine zone: ” but Ramalinga Raju doesn’t seem the types at all” ” Only thing that could be worse if now we find out Narayana Murthy also did something”

4:00 PM boss: ” Jayaram I am going home, pray that we dont hear news like Satyam again”

4:10 PM boss2: ” Jayaram I am going home, take care of the work and pray that we dont hear news like Satyam again”

5:00 PM snacks & TV: “Satyam satyam satyam satyam satyam”

5:10 PM on the way back in the lift: “Satyam satyam satyam satyam satyam”

5:30 PM random colleague: “abe satyam ke bare me suna?”

7:00 PM badminton-Satyam employee:” man this was so unexpected..are you hiring? ”

10:00 PM dinner: ” satyam satyam satyam…”

Will tomorrow be any different?


4 Responses to “Today’s office talk”

  1. 1 pkj

    Today will be about Shivam and tomm. Sundaram *i know it’s pathetic*

  2. don’t think so… there were many tweets about it when I came in, the first thing I did today on reaching office was checking the stock price of Satyam… and just now Sangfroid has another dig at them on twitter πŸ™‚

  3. rofl @ pkj .. tht was exactly wat i was abt to say πŸ˜€

  4. 4 Moumita

    The last line steals it all… Yeah.. tomorrow is not different from today , yet we shout we are progressing.. πŸ™‚
    Loved this post.

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