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It’s time for MYCD where I work. Details of what happens are here . I decided to extend MYCD and carry out this critical exercise for all my employees as well. Since none of them are web savvy, I take the liberty to post the feedback online . Employee 1- My maid I rated my […]

10 AM IBN is reporting- “Satyam CEO fraud…” 1 PM meeting: ” Heard the news ? Satyam fraud wowie..” 1:30 PM lunch: “But how did he do it ” ” arrest the auditors” “job market will be flooded” 2:30 PM water cooler: ” Abe toone 4 bug fix kiye hai 400 nahi..satyam ki tarah behave […]

Back when I was in school, evenings were usually dedicated to badminton. Since all schools ended at the same time as mine, it was a race to get to the court before everyone else. A few minutes difference could mean a wait of an hour. Inspite of all the running, there usually were about 30 […]

Opinion poll


Whats the most immediate reaction on reading the below? I am conducting a small survey.The I in the story can be assumed to be me. “The other night I was walking along the beach, hand in hand with my girlfriends. Suddenly this huge f**ing space saucer came along and zapped me up into its belly. […]

There was this hype around the whole Live Mail launch recently with a flurry of mails hitting my inbox. I went and got a live id since I got one I liked. Tarun happened to crib to me about Live mail client around the same time so I went and installed it to see what […]

What you do or don’t do ends up making news. For example ? This

My dad has an old LG Reliance phone. The one that Reliance launched it’s services with. It’s old and has a severely limiting feature set. For example- No camera, no web browser ,no color screen and so on. The batteries been changed a couple of times and still dies on occassion, but he’s gotten used […]