Mid year career discussion time!


It’s time for MYCD where I work. Details of what happens are here .

I decided to extend MYCD and carry out this critical exercise for all my employees as well. Since none of them are web savvy, I take the liberty to post the feedback online .

Employee 1- My maid

I rated my maid as achieved 70% for this half year.

– I felt she has to potential to reach the exceeded bucket by including some minor changes into the way she works.

– I pointed out to her that predictability was one of her weak points and something that she could improve upon. I even suggested to her various tools and tricks that would help her in achieving this goal.

– I told her that she should be more open and receptive to feedback and not respond in unparlimentary language when asked to do something more.

– I pointed out that there was a lot of work to be done and that oppurtunity was practically endless. I also said that we have sufficient budgetary funding for level growth in her pipe.

In the end, I announced a 0% hike. She didnt take to it kindly – As I mentioned above, this is one of the areas for improvement.

Employee 2: My newspaper wala

I rated my newspaper wala as achieved 70% but in the lowest bucket.

– I pointed out to him that the irregularity in his work was appaling and showed clear lack of passion. I gave him a good speech on what an important job he is doing . Delivering news is a big responsibility and not something everyone can do.

– I also told him that his unwillingness to achieve his stretch goal showed he wasnt interested. I recounted how I had given him an oppurtunity to deliver magazines as well to me but he left it at priority 4 and never got it done.

– I gave him multiple evidences of the newspaper not coming on time, not coming neatly bundled , coming wet and told him to apply himself a bit more on his job.

I summarized that he stood the risk of sliding into the bottom 10% of my employees which wouldnt be good for his career. I refrain from publishing his response here.

Employee 3: My watchman

I rated my watchman as underperformed stage 1.

– I pointed out his failure to do his basic duty of opening the gate when I drove up was unpardonable and had gravely affected his review feedback.

– I also pointed that his habit of asking for “mamool” for every festival bordered on bribery. I explained our compensation system to him and how it was essential to follow performance based rewards.

– I told him in no uncertain terms that his habit of being drunk on most nights was going to end his career under my employment. I said I never had problems with a little peg here or there when off duty but drinking on the job is a strict no no and would have to be escalate to HR.

I told him that it would be a good idea for him to find a job elsewhere before I had to let go of him. His response opened my eyes to forms of abuse I have never known.

Thus, I completed MYCD for all my employees. I am sure they love me as a manager and will surely reflect this fact when they give manager feedback!


18 Responses to “Mid year career discussion time!”

  1. so I take it from this post that all of them left your organization and looking for employment elsewhere? 😛

  2. You sure are a good manager bcoz of the fact you point out facts and do not keep your employees in dark!
    But let me tell you that a 0% hike will not be well received for long 😛

  3. :))


    still laughing 🙂

    “I am sure they love me as a manager and will surely reflect this fact when they give manager feedback”


  4. nice

    lol’d at paper guy showing lack of passion 🙂

  5. ultimate piece of work!!
    simply hilarious!!

  6. Jaya, is it your office frustration that you are releasing on your servants now 🙂

  7. *on the floor, can’t type more* =))

  8. 8 Vinay

    You are taking this too seriously. But it just gave me another idea. Maybe I should do a MYCD on my friends. Now that will be interesting. Let’s meet up so I can start with yours.

  9. Loved this one! 🙂

  10. @argetyne, pkj, sukesh,obelix,sanyam – I had fun writing this as well :). The first couple of drafts were dangerously close to what my boss’s here say so had to change things around to make in unrecognisable.

    @vinay I already have had 2 my cd’s with each of my boss’s! No more please.

    @rakesh I am the king of my castle 🙂 . No more frustration left

    @sangfroid,kunal my employees value the work culture I provide and the overall brand name. Salary is just one of the perks for them . In fact, I am considering inviting BT and BW and ET to come and rate my place for best employer surveys

    • 11 U know me very well!!!

      Man this has come straight from your heart.. well your effort to make it unrecognisable wasnt too successful..

  11. 12 Abhishek Dhasmana

    you rock!

  12. lol… : )
    That reminds me… I need to have a serious MYCD with my maid and car wash guy!
    You in IDC too?

  13. 14 Dheep Joy Mampilly

    Hi Jayaram,

    That was and is a hilarious piece indeed. I see that you have been a reasonably prolific blogger. Appreciate it.

    “I pointed out that there was a lot of work to be done and that oppurtunity was practically endless.” – very hilarious indeed.

    🙂 ,
    Dheep Joy.

  14. 15 Amit

    That was Awesome.. 🙂 🙂

  15. 16 Vikrant Bansal

    Too Kool !!! Specially when Annual review is next door 🙂

  16. 17 Mangesh Sonar

    Hi Jayaram, :):) Ahem….facts, vision,plan; it has all. Hilariously expressed and depicting the syste,. Cool indeed You keep writing without pay unless somebody offers you. 🙂 But looking forward to read more from you.

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